The call has been opened in Emerald' s Journal - "Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy" and is edited by Professors Hiroshi Ishiguro, Koichi Nagashima, Fumio Shimpo, and myself.

The Special Issue will highlight the transformational aspects of this matter, showing the regulatory road to green, sustainable AI. The aim of the Special Issue would be to answer the primary question: how to make – with the help of a public policy – AI green? This question is followed by a series of issues:

  • How can green AI be defined?
  • What should be done to develop green AI at the policy level (national, regional, and perhaps global)?
  • How can green AI development be supported by the administration?
  • What kind of mistakes should be avoided on the road to green AI, and what types of legal liabilities should be considered?

Taking into account the Aims of the Special Issue, we invite high-quality original contributions that address, but are not limited to:

  • green AI and public policies at different levels (local, regional, international perspectives)
  • green AI development, promotion tools, and regulatory approaches,
  • green AI policy-making covering energy efficiency, RES, emission reduction in AI and robotics,
  • green AI in e-government transformation,
  • green AI as an element of smart cities and smart villages.

Please check the following website for further details:

"Green Artificial Intelligence: Regulatory Road to Sustainable AI" (Call for Papers for "Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy").