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"Energy security is one of those concepts, which everyone seems to know. The problem starts when the lights go out"

"The idea of civic energy sector and energy cooperatives seems to be an answer that responds to the social and financial problems encountered in the development of local energy industry"

"Modern economy and energy require an approach that is open to the discourse and participation of different actors at all levels of decision-making"

"Monopolisation does not serve the state, economy or citizens. Monopolisation serves monopolies"

"My day-watchman state is the centre ground occupying a place between interventionism and laissez-faire"

"I'm fascinated by watching how much we owe to electricity. How much we owe to Tesla, Edison and many other precursors of its use"

"The problem of long-term planning in economy is that it is long-term. Its creators do not think about implementation - the contractors bear in mind the planning process"


Do you need professional support in the area of your project? Do you want to know more about energy, law and the economy?

Do you invest in Asia? Do you import goods into Europe?

Do you find existing laws confusing or do you need further clarification in terms of new legislation?

Do you organise conferences / debates on law, economy, energy, or environment; organise training on European or Polish law? Are you involved in a project in the field of energy, green technologies, climate and energy policy, and you feel something is missing?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’ then you have come to the right place.

  • What do I do?

    Reports, studies, analyses and expert opinions, as well as training courses and lectures in the field of economy, including energy and law with a particular reference to the law on energy and international cooperation between Europe and Asian. That is my answer to your needs.

  • Conducted projects

    Here is a list of some of my previous projects:

    • energy market in the EU;
    • economic policy;
    • climate and energy policy of the EU;
    • business in the energy sector;
    • energy security;
    • support schemes for renewable energy sources;
    • surplus of the green certificates on the market;
    • connecting new sources to the grid;
    • implementation of EU energy legislation to Polish law;
    • energy market in the Baltic Sea area;
    • heat market in the Southern Baltic region;
    • stabilisation of renewables in the energy system;
    • derogation for power industry within the framework of the new EU-ETS directive;
    • market for CO2 emission allowances;
    • regulations for emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides;;
    • electricity prices in the EU;
    • market for wind turbines in Europe;
    • legal framework for energy efficiency in the EU;
    • models of regulation in the energy sector;
    • investment in renewable energy sources;
    • import of renewable technologies from Asia;
    • investment in China and Taiwan;
    • doing business in Sweden;
    • support schemes for renewable energy sources in Sweden;
    • economic cooperation between the EU and Switzerland.
  • Scope of my actions

    The range of my activities is always set with the counterparty and profiled in terms of requirements of the client. This may concern both the description of the problems, finding solutions, providing a synthesis of the activities, elaborating scenarios, and conducting a typical legal analysis expanded on the elements of economic studies. I am open to the model and the nature of the cooperation, which I adapt to your needs and expectations.

  • My experience

    I deal with economy, law and energy as well as international cooperation not only from the business perspective. I have written a number of scientific publications – papers and books, in which I analysed the above-mentioned topics.

    These issues are covered by my academic activity, i.e. they appear in my lectures and classes, and they are also represented in my public activity (speeches at conferences and debates or comments for the media). More on this can be found in the sections News, Publications, Media, or in my blog and YouTube channel.

    My experience is based on work carried out for business’ and public administration. In my actions, I try to combine elements of law and economics. I do not limit myself only to the Polish market, I am also very active internationally. More in About Me.

  • Feel free to contact me

    If you need expert support in the field of economy and law, energy and regulation, Euroasian cooperation, matters relating to China, Sweden, Switzerland you are now welcome to contact me: