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"Energy security is one of those concepts, which everyone seems to know. The problem starts when the lights go out"

"The idea of civic energy sector and energy cooperatives seems to be an answer that responds to the social and financial problems encountered in the development of local energy industry"

"Modern economy and energy require an approach that is open to the discourse and participation of different actors at all levels of decision-making"

"Monopolisation does not serve the state, economy or citizens. Monopolisation serves monopolies"

"My day-watchman state is the centre ground occupying a place between interventionism and laissez-faire"

"I'm fascinated by watching how much we owe to electricity. How much we owe to Tesla, Edison and many other precursors of its use"

"The problem of long-term planning in economy is that it is long-term. Its creators do not think about implementation - the contractors bear in mind the planning process"


dr hab. Maciej M. Sokołowski (PhD, DSc)



I. Books, Authored (3) 

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