Making the energy transition just, where no one is left behind, requires energy justice. This results from the usefulness of energy justice, which enables assessing of energy policies and their tools.

This evokes an issue of energy justice leaving the academic realm to reach the real world, where the theory becomes the practice. In 2023, enforcing energy justice through the legal system seems to be in the near future. The literature and research offer some solutions; however, a solid legal analysis is needed, and concrete proposals should be presented to the members of governments and parliaments. This study takes a step toward enforcing energy justice in the legal system and identifies a cascade of four conditions (definition, recognition, enhancement, and supervision) which is needed in this regard.

However, this is just a beginning, not the end. The rest is available in my chapter "Enforcing Energy Justice Through the Legal System: A Cascade of Four Conditions" that was published in a book edited by R.J. Heffron and L de Fontenelle The Power of Energy Justice & the Social Contract. Just Transitions (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2023).