The conference "Recent Climate Change Legal & Policy Issues in Asia and Europe in the Post-Paris Agreement Era" organised at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL), the National University of Singapore, has been a collaborative platform to exchange knowledge and ideas on the ways forward for global climate change law and policy. Discussing the "EU-Japan: Climate-Energy Policy Overview" was my contribution to this platform. Below you may find an abstract of my presentaton.

The aim of the presentation is to delve into the European and Japanese approaches to climate and
energy policy. This includes describing each approach and evaluating its regulatory aspects. For this
purpose, the primary documents and legal acts relevant for the discussion on the climate and energy
policies of the EU and Japan will be analyzed and juxtaposed. It includes verifying both the previous
and current EU and Japanese positions on three areas: reduction of emissions, supporting renewable energy sources, and enhancing energy efficiency. As a result, the issue of the climate and energy policy will be presented from perspectives of leading economies (European and Japanese) giving the possibility to elaborate an international benchmark – a picture of the directions that the climate and energy policy may develop in the future.