"[...] And just as in Chinese culture, both in the economy, we have and we can have a lot of dragons and dragons' connotations. One such example is the Chinese renewable energy sector. Referring to the convention indicated symbolically I compare it to the green dragon, namely the Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng.

This dragon in Chinese mythology is presented as dangerous and powerful. Despite its appearance it is considered as bringing prosperity dragon of the East. The dragon is a symbol of change, changes that occur in the Chinese economy, with great intensity, taking incredible size. This also applies to energy, which - despite a strong conventional structure - begins to transform and follows the innovative, alternative paths. This opens new perspectives for the Chinese economy, for which the green dragon becomes an important element. Moreover, this is followed by extremely developed production structure, which uses both global markets (although closing, e.g. the European Union and the United States) and the Chinese domestic market. To the Chinese calendar Year of the Dragon will come back in 2024. Up to this, certainly a lot of water will run back in the Yangtze River. Will 2024 be the year of the energy green dragon? My intuition tells me that we will hear about it even earlier ..."