The paper is a result of my research at the University of Sydney and University of Waikato, being an effect of my cooperation with colleagues and experts with whom I talked in Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, and Waikato during my stay in Australia and New Zealand in 2018.


The article juxtaposes the regulatory approach to small renewable energy sources and energy communities in the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand, highlighting such matters as the nature, character, and scope of the regulatory model of renewable energy sector. The paper also analyses energy communities in the past, current and drafted European law (as in the "Clean Energy for all Europeans'" package) as well as discussing relevant legislation and policies on small renewable energy sources and energy communities in Australia and New Zealand. In this context, this article reviews the possibility of exporting the European model on energy communities outside the EU.

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Sokołowski, M.M. 2019, "Renewable Energy Communities in the Law of the EU, Australia, and New Zealand", European Energy and Environmental Law Review, 28(2), pp. 34-46.