Dr. Yoshida (former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, Europe and the Americas at the U.S. Department of Energy and current Senior Fellow for Energy and Technology at Sasakawa USA) was in Tokyo to discuss her recent edited book, "Japan’s Energy Conundrum.” It discusses in a comprehensive way Japan’s energy policies from different perspectives.

As Sasakawa USA writes:

[we are] pleased to bring together outstanding group of senior scholars, all with extensive knowledge and experience, to analyze and explain the many facets of Tokyo’s energy situation and its intersection with the U.S.-Japan relationship. Japan’s Energy Conundrum provides insights into how Japan is seeking to resolve its current energy conundrum by balancing energy security, economic growth, environmental sustainability, and safety in the aftermath of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. It also recommends ways in which the U.S.-Japan energy security relationship can become stronger and collaboration deeper.

After Dr. Yoshida's presentation I had a chance to discuss energy market deregulation and other pressing changes in Japan with Dr. Yoshida and other energy experts that join the meeting organised by the ACCJ Energy Committee.