All interested may find some translated from Swedish comments on "Regulation in the European Electricity Sector" below:

Finally, a few words about the book as a whole. Its historical and descriptive approach should be an obvious choice for anyone who is interested in the EU’s efforts to create a common electricity market. The book also has a value for the interested in the theory of regulation in deregulated markets. The book’s strength lies in its careful examination of a large legal material, contextualized in time and space, and related to ideological perspectives on the state’s role with respect to the society and market.

(…) Despite the criticisms that can be made, an overall impression of the book is that the author has done an impressive job. The regulation of the electricity market is a complex theme which spans many areas: law, technology, economics and politics are intertwined in a way that requires the researcher to be able to keep many balls in the air what the author manages in an excellent manner.”

The oryginal version of the review was published in Europarättslig tidskrift nr 3 2016, ISSN (ONLINE): 2002-3561.